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Without Trenchless Water Line Replacement, plumbing leaks in your home can be an absolute nightmare. Fortunately, If you need new water lines installed at your home or business, but you don’t want to dig up your yard, patio, driveway or walkways the experts at Two Brothers Plumbing can install them using the trenchless water line replacement method.

What Is Trenchless Water Line Replacement?

Two Brothers Plumbing Trenchless Pipe Replacement Gresham Sandy Portland Oregon ORTrenchless Water Line Replacement only requires two relatively small holes to be excavated. Lateral boring equipment using hydro jet technology is used to create a hole through which new piping is placed. Trenchless pipe replacement technology is a revolutionary process which allows the replacement of the existing pipe without having to dig a trench through areas that would interfere with traditional pipe replacement such as patios, decks, foundations, garages, sidewalks, walkways, streets, landscaping, etc.

Benefits of Trenchless Water Line Replacement & Repair

    • Cost Effective – You are basically only paying for the cost of replacing the pipe. Extra costs for replacing and repairing landscaping, driveways, patios, sidewalks etc. are avoided.
    • Quick Installation – Trenchless Pipe replacement typically takes far less time than traditional methods. The inconveniences as well as additional costs associated with this type of plumbing repair is minimized
    • Clean – Minimal Disruption – Very low impact on your yard and home, in just a couple of days the repairs are made and your yard looks just like it did before the plumbing repair was made
    • Strong Long Lasting – Trenchless piping is highly durable, flexible and impenetrable to roots.
    • Guaranteed – As with all of our plumbing services Two Brothers Plumbing stands behind all of our work 100%

Two Brothers Plumbing is a recognized leader in the Gresham, Sandy and the entire Portland Oregon metro areas for Trenchless Water Line Replacement.

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