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Electric Water Heater – Sales and Service

Portland OR – Gresham Oregon

At Two Brothers Plumbing we service and repair all makes and models of electric water heaters.

Hot Water Heater Sales and Installation

In addition to our full service water heater repair we also sell and install the two top brands of water heaters available today: Bradford White and AO Smith.

Bradford White Water Heaters

Two Brothers Plumbing - Sales and Service of Bradford White electric Water Heaters -Portland OR Gresham OregonLong recognized as a leader in water heater design and manufacture. Bradford White is an American owned company and all products are American made. Bradford White is dedicated to constantly upgrading and engineering their water heaters to meet Energy Star requirements and to lead the industry in product innovations such as “Hydrojet Technology” and “Vitraglas Tough Tank Protection.”

AO Smith Water Heaters

Two Brothers Plumbing - Sales and Service of AO Smith Water Heaters -Portland OR Gresham OregonHeadquartered in Ashland City, Tennessee, AO Smith built their 1st water heater in 1939. The “glass” lined tanks that all water heaters still use to protect from corrosion were pioneered by AO Smith. They have continued to maintain this tradition of innovation over the years with a deep commitment to energy efficiency.

How Does an Electric Water heater Work?

Generally speaking, in an electric water heater there are two heating elements that are electrically powered. One is located near the top of the water heater tank and one is located at the bottom of the water heater tank. Both are thermostatically controlled and operate independently of each other–when one is on the other is off.

Cold water enters the tank at the bottom and as the water is heated it naturally rises to the top of the tank. When you open a hot water tap in your home the water is drawn off of the top of the tank and is replaced by cool water at the bottom and the cycle repeats itself.

Benefits of Electric Hot Water Heaters

  • Electric Water Heaters do not need to be vented outside
  • They require minimal operational clearances
  • In the Northwest electrical power generally costs less than gas
  • Longer Life expectancy than gas water heaters

Give us a call today, we help you get the electric water heater that perfectly matches your needs!

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